- You May Have Some Questions

Who will manage my social media accounts?

Our team of social media experts will be responsible for managing all aspects of your social media campaign. We will be in to your establishment often to discuss any ideas or questions you may have.

Do you post all content for me?

Absolutely! The idea of having us handle your Social Media Marketing is so you don't have to! You have other things to do to run your business.

Do you respond to customers for me?

Yes, again we are a full service social media marketing company, so we take care of 100% of your social media platforms. When your customers send in a message or write a review or comment on a post, those are crutial moments that allow us to engage with your customer base and to strengthen relationships with them and improve your customer service. 

However, if there is ever a negative feedback from customers, before writing anything back to them, we will consult you first and come up with a reply together.

Can I share specific promotions or products?

At the beginning of the campaign, one of our social media specialists will talk with you about your campaign goals and strategies, in addition to learning more about you and your brand. 
After that, we’ll create posts that embody your brand and campaign goals. You can review these at any time and, if needed, call to have us make changes. 

If you have anything specific you would like us to promote or push, you just need to give us a call and let us know. We're always available to speak to our clients about these promotions or products, and we’ll do our best to incorporate them into your upcoming posts as part of your campaign.

Can’t I just use free tools to manage social media?

 Sure, there are plenty of free social media management tools that are available for you to use. However, these social media tools still require you to create, schedule and manage the content yourself, which is time consuming. With Updated Status, we take care of everything so you can take care of what you do best for your business. 

I do not see the answer to my question?

Please contact our customer service by clicking the contact us button below and we will be happy to further assist you.

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